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The concept of “beyondSMART” was envisioned in the United States in April 2016, mainly to integrate the SMART furniture which strategically combines intelligence with classic home life. beyondSMART means that all the smart products are focused on mankind for their evolving lives and the lifestyle. When furniture has an intelligent presence, humane care is what beyondSMART delivers. beyondSMART Furniture Co., Ltd( Shenzhen ) is a Sino-U.S. company which concentrates on design, R&D, and manufacturing ingenious smart furniture. In the age of smart innovations, the technology is changing rapidly, our insistent goal is to strive towards 3 common principles.
   1. Beautiful
   2. Comfortable
   3. Considerate
   beyondSMART calls for experienced designers, advanced technology developing & furniture engineering around the world. We all have the ingenuity & spirit to advance with the times, joining the manufactures to develop creative furniture that corresponds with beyondSMART, the meaning of SMART aside from intelligent, can be alternately viewed as:
   Select - Careful preplanning to appoint the best team in this Hi-Tech field, beyondSMART participants must be selected, approved, and follow the 3 principles:
   Members - A designated group with the aligned passion and drive membership system, each member having obligations and rights;
   Alliance - Jointly working to find advantages and resources in the industry targeting smart ideas;
   Revolutionizing - Pursuing excellence and daring to go beyond smart;
   Technology - As furniture people we should aim to take advantage of technology and make our lives better, and always focus on human values and desires.
   beyondSMART strives to make all our furniture become family at the moment of returning home.  Making you and your home beyondSMART.

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